Exciting Changes to Compassion in Action (Life Room)


Life Group (Bible Study) Attendees

We are thrilled to announce some exciting changes to our monthly get-together! In order to provide greater accessibility and convenience, we are transitioning to a virtual format. We plan to meet once a month on a Sunday afternoon at 2pm.

Starting next month, instead of meeting in person, we will be using Google Meet for our virtual gatherings. This means you can join us from the comfort of your own home or any other convenient location. Simply grab a cup of coffee, find a cozy spot, and log in to the virtual meeting.

Here are the Key Details:

Virtual Life Group (Bible Study)

Hosted by: Terri and Deloris

Day: Once a Month on a Sunday

Time: 2PM

Platform: Google Meet

Life Room and Baby Supplies

Following the virtual gathering, we invite you to visit our Life Room the following Saturday to pick up your baby supplies.

What You Need to Do

To secure your spot and receive the invitation to our upcoming virtual gathering, please take a moment to fill out the signup form by clicking on the link below:

First Time Visitor?

If you have never come to the Life Room for baby supplies, you will want to schedule a First Time Visit so we can meet you! You will then be shown the “Life Room” and given some free baby clothing, diapers, and needed accessories.

To schedule your first visit, please use the link below: